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Vesta Automation: the quality in every piece

From design to production, everything is done at Vesta Automation

Vesta Automation: the quality in every piece

From design to production, everything is done at Vesta Automation

Our article for the TecnAlimentaria Beverage Industry magazine, new April 2019 edition 

Top-notch quality, ability to customise the products, flexibility, 100% Italian production, co-design with the client, a mix of industrial efficiency and craftsmanship: thanks to these strengths deeply-rooted in 35-year history, Vesta Automation has stood its ground against larger competitors, including multinationals, and carved out an important place in the field of production of pneumatic components for industrial automation. Vesta Automation focuses on compressed air-operated mechanical components, so it targets machine manufacturers and industrial plants, as well as distributors of automation component.

Vesta Automation components are essential wherever an industrial process needs to be managed automatically. The range of areas that uses Vesta products is broad, virtually endless. Since its birth, the food sector has played an important role in Vesta Automation’s business, in fact the company has developed many custom products, for example in the field of meat processing.

Technical applications impose specific rules in the choice of materials in contact with food: Vesta Automation products are designed and produced to meet the sector’s reliability and resistance demands, through the use of selected raw materials that are tested upon arrival before being used in the processing phase. Vesta Automation stainless steel and engineered technopolymer lines are FDA certified for food application, withstand chemical agents and operate continuously without requiring lubrication.

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Automation is essential for anyone working in the packaging sector: Vesta Automation has studied and selected materials and component processing to meet the most demanding product durability and efficiency demands. The components are used in everything from food packaging to glass and plastic, and they have to function for millions of cycles, without maintenance. 

Customisation is one of the key pillars of Vesta Automation’s business philosophy and the sectors it is most involved in studying and developing special components are: the automotive and textile sectors, applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, automatic welding systems, the railway sector and lifting and balancing systems.

Whenever a client has a specific request, it is examined with Vesta Automation technical department and together they find the most suitable solution in a true co-design process. Dialogue with Vesta Automation is direct, minimising the decision-making chain. This lets Vesta Automation be versatile, but also very quick and able to compete with other players, both in terms of quality and production times. All of the products delivered from the plant in Rovigo are made only in Italy, and all processes are overseen in house: from the mechanical workshop to assembly and testing, every step is performed internally with great care in compliance with the UNI WN ISO 9001 standard. Vesta Automation monitors every production phase and all materials. But that is not enough: because to ensure every product is of the highest quality, Vesta Automation tests every single piece. This is why the market appreciates Vesta Automation’s reliability.

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