EJ and NJ: two new valve series for improved performance

Power and durability combined

Our new EJ and NJ valves are an evolution of the previous JT series. Developing new products isn't good enough; we need to improve them as much as possible based on feedback, new requirements and requested characteristics. This is how we developed our two new valve families, presented here.

They are based on an important combination of experience, quality and durability. EJ and NJ valves are available in the same sizes as JT valves: 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch, in plus the 3/2 inch and 5/2 inch measurements available for Namur valves.

Unlike other valves, they have a larger, 22-mm coil for greater power. They also feature a brass spool with a finely machined surface and a flexible profiled seal. They are designed to reduce friction while granting higher durability.

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