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Chemical Industry

Reliability and Safety

The chemical sector, by its very nature, requires environments, machines and components that meet strict quality requirements. The risks arising from the working environment such as corrosion, oxidation, deflagration, etc. are the main problems that Vesta addresses through specialised production lines of cylinders, valves and accessories, by selecting suitable materials and by ensuring applications comply with ATEX regulations. It is not just the selection of materials, but also the production technologies used that make our components resistant and reliable even over a high number of production cycles and ensuring they maintain maximum efficiency for high performance.


Given the specific nature of the sector, Vesta’s catalogue offers standard solutions or solutions with some customisation. Components can also be designed to meet the client’s specific needs, with rapid development of test prototypes and their subsequent production when the project has been validated.

ISO 15552 cushioned pneumatic cylinder, tie-rods version is realized with End caps made of a light aluminium alloy, the barrels are realized in anodized aluminium with chromium-plated steel piston rod.

Vesta "NAMUR" valves present a high nominal air flow and no environmental contact between the namur valve and the actuator being switched. This series has high working frequency and can be used with lubricated or non-lubricated air, thanks to a spool made of a light alluminium alloy, nickel treated by Niploy Processto give the surface a smooth finish.

Vesta ATEX valves and cylinders satisfy all directives 94/9/EC to avoid mechanical risks of ignition in explosive atmosphere for category II2GD and category II3GD. Design, materials and technical solutions are made to prevent mechanical sparks, electrostatic charges, heating of surfaces due to friction, etc..